face 8

This is the “latest” (many years old) out of a series of 50 faces I was trying to make. Perhaps I’ll explain it fully one day, but although it’s rather morbid, it has a lot of personal meaning for me. My goal was 50 but I only got to 8. I made many of these when I last lived in Japan, in the northern part of Tokyo. Here’s one of my favorites that despite trying to make look dead, looks frighteningly alive.

dead face 8

rochester scene

I originally intended to black out some of this one, to show it’s a distant memory that I can’t quite grasp. For some reason, the fields behind my house in the rural suburbs of Rochester, NY, in November and March on a dark day are intensely nostalgic for me. I imagine there being some cold wind in this picture. The forest in the background is rather large in real life, so it’s a little skewed – it would be closer in reality than it is in this painting. This is about 16×20″ or so, oil on canvas.

rochester scene

nothing’s changed for me

Here’s an example today of a piece that took a wrong turn. I loved the initial sketch, even though it was not where I’d intended to go at all. (I was working on a series “50 dead faces” and this is most certainly a bright and living and happy face.)

nothing's changed for me sketch

Then what happened? I went at it with charcoal and a marker, and more pencil, and ended up overworking – the worst. Well, it turned out ok, but just ok. I was more pleased with the initial drawing, although that itself was unfinished and had to be completed into¬†something. Can’t win!

nothing's changed for me