oath keepers – in progress

I thought I’d share this work in progress, since I haven’t done anything in colored pencil in years. I started with the figure on the left and worked very tightly, but as you can see, I returned more to my “own” style with the face on the right. In the end I’m happier with the right-hand side. I hope to finish this up with colored pencil, ink, and watercolor.

20150901 oathkeepers wip

brooding dude

This is a fairly large piece (like 14″x17″) and I haven’t taken a proper photo of it, so here’s a screenshot of the Instagram pic I posted. Jeez. Can I get my act together?

brooding dude

The piece is in conte crayon, graphite, and brush pen; it is copied from a photo in a catalog, where I get most of my art references from, much to some people’s amusement. This didn’t come out exactly as I’d hoped, but the guy certainly looks even more brooding in my drawing than he did for H&M, even if his face is a little lopsided. A quick practice, overall.